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Personal Injury Executive


Relwwin joined Messrs Dinesh Mathan & Partners in the year 2020 as an intern. Presently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Law at Brickfields Asia College, he brings a fresh perspective and knowledge to the firm.

Relwwin has gained invaluable experience in Personal Injury Claims, and has the necessary skills and knowledge required to handle complex cases involving multiple injuries. His experience includes advising and representing clients on a range of issues, including lodging police reports, visiting accident scenes, interviewing witnesses, obtaining police reports, advising clients on their rights and remedies under dependency claims, and representing individuals in their legal claims against drivers or employers.

Relwwin has also prepared cause papers in opposing insurance company claims that declare insurance policies as void and unenforceable. In addition, he has assisted to advise and represent insured clients in their claims against insurance companies for breach of insurance policies.

Relwwin’s primary area of expertise revolves around Personal Injury Claims. He has the necessary skills and knowledge to handle even the most complex cases in this area. He has assisted in various trials and hearings in the trial and the appellate courts of Malaysia, including the Court of Appeal.
Overall, Relwwin is a talented intern who has gained valuable experience in Personal Injury Claims. With his skills, knowledge, and passion for the law, he is well-equipped to make a valuable contribution to the legal profession.