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Guneeswary is a recent graduate of the National University of Malaysia (UKM), where she obtained her Bachelor of Law (Hons) degree in 2021. After completing her studies, she commenced her pupilage with Messrs Gregory Yusran & Associates, where she gained valuable experience in various areas of law, including Banking litigation, General litigation, and Industrial Relation matters. During her pupilage, she also had the opportunity to assist in several Industrial Relations trials, which gave her additional exposure to that particular field.
After successfully completing her pupilage, she was admitted as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya in August 2021. She then continued to practice civil litigation, where she was exposed to a diverse range of matters, such as contractual disputes, debt recovery, tenancy disputes, defamation, employment matters, construction matters, execution proceedings, family disputes, and other general litigation matters. She has assisted and conducted trials, hearings, mediations, and other proceedings for various contentious matters, demonstrating her ability to handle a wide range of cases.

In 2023, Guneeswary joined Messrs Dinesh Mathan & Partners as a Legal Associate, where she focuses on general civil litigation. With her extensive experience and knowledge, she is well-equipped to handle a variety of cases in this field. Her portfolio includes handling legal matters related to general civil litigation, providing legal advice and assistance to clients, and representing clients in court proceedings.

Overall, Guneeswary is a competent and experienced lawyer who has proven her ability to handle a diverse range of legal matters. With her strong work ethic, dedication to her clients, and passion for the law, she is well-positioned to make a valuable contribution to the legal profession.

Guneeswary DMP