Conveyancing Solicitors


Conveyancing Lawyers Malaysia

Interested in purchasing / buying a property? Fret not, our lawyers have immense knowledge in dealing with conveyancing matters including but not limited to the preparation of Sale & Purchase Agreements (SPA), Complex Tenancy Agreements, Lease Agreements, Facility Agreements and the like. We regularly advise clients on banking and real estate investments. We also possess extensive expertise in sub-sale transactions involving various property types. 

Tenancy Agreement

Preparing, drafting and assisting in the execution and stamping of Tenancy Agreements

Property & Land Dispute

We regularly assist clients in contentious property & land disputes at all levels of Court

Property Refinancing

We are able to advise and assist in property refinancing
Commercial Loan Agreement

Drafting and finalising commercial loan agreements
Transfer of Assets

Transfer of immovable properties
Lodgments/Removal of Caveats

Entry and Withdrawal of Private Caveats
Sale & Purchase of Properties

Advising on sale of properties, preparing complex Sale & Purchase Agreements and providing assistance throughout the transaction
Housing Loan Agreement

Assisting clients to apply for housing loan by linking them to our vast database of bankers and preparing the loan agreement
Discharge and/or Reassignment Documents
Facility Agreements
Perfection of Transfer
Perfection of Charge